Canada keeping close eye on Iranian embassy recruitment allegations: John Baird
National Post / Kathryn Blaze Carlson
13-Jul-2012 (one comment)

The embassy in Ottawa sometimes uses cultural events as an excuse to spread their own propaganda,” said Ms. Afshin-Jam, a human rights activist who fled Iran in 1979 after her father was imprisoned and tortured.

Sayeh Hassan, a Toronto-based criminal lawyer who fled Iran 25 years ago, said the mission uses its ties to university student associations to infiltrate campuses, pointing to a recent event hosted at Carleton University in Ottawa last month that celebrated the religious and political teachings of Iran’s former theocratic ruler, Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini.

Ms. Afshin-Jam was among the seven activists and academics who last month wrote to Carleton objecting to the June 2 event, which was organized by the Iranian Culture Association of Carleton University and the Cultural Centre of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The cultural centre confirmed to theNational Post that it is affiliated with the Iranian embassy
but declined to comment on the allegations. Last month, Maclean’smagazine revealed the head of the Carleton culture association is Ehsan Mohammadi, the son of the Iranian cultural counselor.

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