New Horizon Independent Film Festival: Tehran, Iran
Indymedia / Mohammad Tayyeb

The New Horizon Independent Film Festival opens in Tehran, Iran on September 1st, 2012. Eligible independent film producers world wide are encouraged to apply for admission. Suggestions from the global film viewing public on producers and films to be considered are solicited by e-mail. Films relevant to the following subjects are of special relevance and interest:

1. The Occupy movement in Wall Street America and Europe
2. The fall of regional monarchies and awakening movements in Islamic countries
3. The economic crisis in Europe and America
4. The role of Lobbies in the current American and European crisis
5. Resistance against occupation
6. Anti-war movements
7. Islam phobia and Iran phobia
8. A world toward sustained justice
9. A World without terrorism and nuclear weapons

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Application Form for Producers: No.197,Dastgerdi st,Modarres High way Tehran 1631767511 Iran Phone: +989121886200 Fax: +982122912061 >>>

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