France 24 Debate with Ramin Parham and Meir Javendenfar, Robert Zarate
france 24
11-Jul-2012 (2 comments)

Iran’s support for the Assad regime goes well beyond loyalty to a traditional ally. François Picard’s panel looks at the spillover effect of the power play over Tehran’s nuclear program and argues over whether to send its leaders an invitation to Syria negotiations.

Darius Kadivar

Syria: The Iran factor

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Haytham MANAA, President, Syrian National Committee for Democratic Change

Ramin PARHAM, Iranian dissident, Co-author of « L'Histoire secrète de la Révolution iranienne » (with Michel Taubman) Denoël, 2009

From Tel Aviv:
Meir JAVENDENFAR, Iranian Politics Lecturer at IDC Herzliya

From Washington DC:
Robert ZARATE, Policy Director, Foreign policy Initiative


Darius Kadivar

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