Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi: Iranian and Syrian people's solidarity facing a common dictator / Reza Pahlavi Crown Prince of Iran

The courageous people of Syria continue to fight against Bashar Assad, the ruling dictator of Syria, in order to attain their fundamental human rights.  Bashar Assad decimates thousands of protesting Syrian citizens with his barbaric and violent suppression of the liberation movement.  Unfortunately, the oppressive agents of Ali Khamenei, with the protection of the oppressive and security  armies of Bashar Assad, have  an important role in crimes against Syrian citizens.

I strongly condemn the interference of the Islamic Republic in the bitter and inhumane events of Syria and the exerted crimes against the freedom fighting citizens of that country.  I ask that the United Nations and the international community not be silent in the face of Assad's barbaric and medieval behavior, whose survival is dependent on the dictatorial protection of Khamenei, and to condemn both dictators decisively.

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