Will the Syria crisis force Washington to sit down with Tehran?
13-Jun-2012 (11 comments)

The decision to try to include Iran was driven by an old-fashioned diplomatic dictum: you need to make peace with your enemy, not your friend.

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Football field

by Rea on

That's what Syria has become. Unfortunately.

@Bavafa, 3 & 4. 


And moving on to the article itself….

by Bavafa on

One wonders why not involving Iran in the talks!!!!

Sure every knows that IRI is involved in Syria affairs and backing the [dictatorial] regime of Assad, but are we proposing that greater powers should not include Iran just for that reason?  Isn’t USA in negotiation with Taliban, the brother of Al Qaeda, in Afghanistan?

The question for ordinary people (here at IC and elsewhere) is if USA, Russia and other powers are interested in bringing out a solution that
1- Would save lives in Syria
2- Bring out a free and democratic government in Syria regardless of which side they would be leaning on
3- Are the powers are more interested in playing a football game in Syria using the people as their ball to kick around
4- jockeying to establish a friendly government to protect their own interest (for both West and East) without any regards to the Syrian people


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



بزک نمیر بهار میاد، خربزه با خیار میاد (لال، الف، لال)


farsi text, courtesy of fatti commando , the ex-press tv/cyber basijieh, now repentent, fully converted to the cause of zionism & in full service of uncle mousa.

mamooreh/amendment  joon, this is your future, staring into your cute eyes.  LOL


Vildemose jaan

by Cost-of-Progress on

He will quickly change color and join the "crowd". That's the problem with us, we blong to the "Party of Wind" or Hesbe' Baad!

But, if he's truly loyal, he may go back to selling laboo on the street.


mamoor as usual..all your

by vildemose on

mamoor as usual..all your comments are devoid of orighinality or logic. 

What would happen to you if the IRI is overthrown?? What would you do?


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


just like u and amir

by مآمور on

multiple user ids, cyber zionists!!

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 Mamoor and Pendar- rouse

by vildemose on

 Mamoor and Pendar- rouse (first amendment) work for the same boss??


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


email your job application

by مآمور on

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I wear an Omega watch


Like Stalin, Assad & Brothers will establish a Workers Paradise

by AMIR1973 on

Which explains the deep affection that West-residing multiple user ID IRI Groupies have for the regime of Hafez Assad's sons and their cousins.

Darius Kadivar

Don't think we didn't notice the manoeuvre ;0)

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