Russian-supplied weaponry 'killing Syrians on an hourly-basis'
Telegraph / Amy Willis
Washington ratcheted up its accusations against Russia on Wednesday, claiming
Soviet-made weaponry is killing Syrian civilians across the country on an


The state department made the new claims as Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign
minister, flatly denied allegations that Moscow is supplying Bashar al-Assad
with attack-helicopters, instead pointing the finger at American
intervention in the region.

Risking further inflaming the dispute, Victoria Nuland, a spokeswoman for the
state department, repeated the claims today, adding that Russia is actively
engaged in resupplying the tyrannical regime.

"On a daily basis, on an hourly basis, we are seeing Russian and
Soviet-made weaponry used against civilians in towns all across Syria,"
she said.

"Russian and Soviet-made helicopters form the base of the Syrian
helicopter fleet. We are seeing these helicopters used all over Syria now
against civilians. We're seeing gun mounts on these being used to fire on
populations and homes. … We've seen the Russians resupply the weapons that
they've sold to the Syrians as recently as January."

Last month, regime forces slaughtered 108 civilians in Houla and reports of
second massacre emerged last week, detailing the bloody mass killing of at
least 78 villagers in Hama province. Many were said to... >>>

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