Merci, Monsieur Badiou
Aljazeera / Hamid Dabashi
   The ailment that Badiou diagnoses is not limited to French or even European intellectuals, or American Christian fundamentalist Quran burning pastors, or what passes for comedians in the United States (does anyone outside the United States care to know who Bill Maher is?). It extends well into fanatical secular fundamentalists among expat Arab, Iranian or South Asian intellectuals whose pathological loathing of Islam and Muslims has led some of them even to form what they call a "Council of Ex-Muslims", while another group that even call itself "Communists" unabashedly hold their anti-Muslim rallies shoulder to shoulder to neo-Nazis…. The disease that Badiou has judiciously diagnosed is quite contagious and has metastasised far wider than he may care to know. It is now the most recent affliction of the brown-skinned who wear their white masks, wishing themselves white: comprador intellectuals who aid and abet the European and US racists in demonising their own people. There is a very thin line that separates these self-loathing "ex-Muslims" from Anders Breivik - except the Norwegian mass murderer hates their brown skin too, white masks notwithstanding…. There is a structural link between neol... >>>
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