Iranian-Canadians cry foul at protest over visa rules
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Iranian-Canadians cry foul at protest over visa rules

Immigration minister Jason Kenney has promised a
town hall meeting in Richmond Hill this summer to discuss concerns among
Iranian-Canadians over the closure of the embassy’s visa section in
Iranian-Canadians, who spoke with Mr. Kenney outside the Sheraton
Parkway North Hotel in Richmond Hill last night, say the recent closure
is hurting their families and not the intended target, the Iranian

Mr. Kenney was taking part in a Conservative party dinner with Richmond
Hill MP Costas Menagakis while members of the Iranian community quietly
demonstrated outside, waving flags and placards reading “Closure of the
visa section is hurting 120,000 Iranian-Canadians” and “Punish the
government, not the people of Iran”.
The ex-pats are unhappy with the decision announced last month to close the visa section at Canada’s embassy in the Iranian capital and transfer services to the Canadian embassy in Ankara, Turkey.
The move affects the processing of temporary resident applications. Permanent resident >>>

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