Waves of Executions Across Iran One Prisoners Hanged Every Three Hours
25-May-2012 (4 comments)

The clerical regime ruling Iran, engulfed by internal and external crises, has increased the number of executions in an unprecedented way hanging 57 prisoners only during seven days. This means hanging one prisoner in every three hours. This is while secret executions continue unabated.

On May 21, Mullah's regime reported that 14 prisoners were hanged together in a group execution in Tehran. The regime did not release any details about their identities or the location where the executions took place. On the same day, three other prisoners were hanged in the city of Shiraz located south of Iran. Additionally, according to Iranian state-run media on May 20, another three prisoners were hanged in northern city of Sari and Sanandaj in the west. Also in Northwest city of Ardebil three prisoners were hanged on May 17 and on the same day two young men were hanged in Isfahan in central Iran. A woman was among seven other prisoners who were hanged together in Kermanshah in the west on May 15. Also a man was reported hanged in Tehran on the same day.

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by Sassan1 on

Merci Simorgh joon.


That is how this fascist Islamist regime is hanging on....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

to it's miserable life. by terrorising and killing our people at the rate of 3 per hour.

But there are 70millions of us. they can not kill us all. Their days are numbered. They are crumbling under the pressure from outside and inside. Apart from up to a million heavily armed basiji mozdoors, they have lost all popular support which they once enjoyed. It'll take one event, one spark, one  attrocity, to bring people out in such large numbers to streets to make the regime mozdoors run for cover all the way back to lebanon.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by Simorgh5555 on

Thank you and I agree with you one hundred percent. Those opposed to military action are usually part of the discredited Iranian Left who brought about this calamity on Iranians in the first place. Those who oppose military action and assert that change can 'come from within' are giving false hope and duping Iranians again. Reform and Green movements have come and gone. All tried, tested and failed. This regime will not budge one bit without military action.


Thank you for sharing this

by Sassan1 on

For those opposed to military conflict, how many more need to be hanged and executed before you realize military conflict with this regime is not only inevitable - but it is RIGHT and JUST.