‘Israeli software overloads and censors websites unfavorable to Israeli interests while misappropriating private data' WIRED.COM
Wired.com / N. Shachtman
25-May-2012 (one comment)

‘Israeli software overloads and censors websitesunfavorable to Israeli interests while misappropriating private data andrestricting public access to information online.’ Wired.com 


"There appeared to be around 1,000 machines running this [program] when I tested this. The owner can probably do whatever he wants with machines running this," said SANS Institute security specialist Bojan Zdrnja.  

The Patriot program does something "fishy," SANS Institute security specialist Bojan Zdrnja said, by retrieving "a remote file and sav[ing] it on the local machine as TmpUpdateFile.exe." That could easily be a "trojan," Zdrnja said, referring to a program that sneaks malicious code onto a computer. 


WIRED.COM: ‘Israeli censorship software'

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