A World Map without Lebanon
Aljazeera / Belen Fernandez
10-Mar-2012 (3 comments)

For all of the ruckus made over past decades about an alleged plot by various groupings of Arabs and Muslims to drive the state of Israel into the sea or otherwise exterminate it, the Israelis have been permitted to regularly test-drive methods of converting annihilationist rhetoric into reality.

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changing maps ?

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O.k., I found several sources (Lebanon prime-minister Suleiman to Pravda newspaper) that report about Netanjahus press-conference.  One website was refering to the german newspaper "Die Zeit", but there was no report about Netanjahu announcing an invasion. Another website that accuses Netanjahu for such statements (www.politaia.org) is notorious for all sorts of conspiracy stories, UFO sightings etc. Other sources (tacstrat.com  infowars.com) are all equally unreliable.  Therefore, this "story" is absolutely unlikely in my eyes. If Netanjahu would have made such a statement at a swiss press-conference, I think it would have hit the "real" news-agencies. Israels withdrawl from southern Lebanon some years ago says more about their "Land for Peace" strategy than any unreliable gossip. By the way, the persian cat can also be interpreted as a lion, which is a heraldic animal of both ancient Iran and Israel. I hope that one day they both realize that they are not only within the radius of air-strike, but also close enough to become good allies. 

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I think the article has been removed. If you google "A World Map without Lebanon" you will see that there was such an article by Belen Fernandez on Aljazeera a few days ago; it must have been removed. Belem Fernandez is a regular contributor to Aljazeera Opinion section. Try reading the following, which pretty much says the same thing: //tacstrat.com/content/?p=8901 .

As to what it has to do with Iran, I let you think about it a little more. I don't know about the radius of the Persian cat, but Lebanon is well within the radius of the Iranian cat.


pure propaganda

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First of all, there is no link to the original source of this fairytale.

And what has this to do with Iran ?    Thanks god, less and less people consider such anti-Israel propaganda to be synonymous with support the Iranian people.