Splintered Syria: Fears of Sectarian Violence

"We are afraid that these people [[anti-government protesters – RT]] will come here to try to disturb us and destroy our peaceful life, as they did in Homs and many cities, but we trust army and security and state,” one of the residents told the RT crew.
For years the regime kept all the religious groups in unity with President al-Assad, more than just the head of state, but kind of a symbol of this harmony.

“Our country before the crisis was developing now – we are all losing. Jesus said any kingdom that split will die fast. These people are receiving money, and listening to the orders. They want to ruin this country. What else [do] you think?” Pelagia Sayaf from St. Thekla Monastery explained to RT.

As sectarian violence over Syria between Sunnis and Alawites has already been seen in neighboring Lebanon, Syrian minorities now scared it will bleed over across the border.

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