High-altitude space attack by a state such as IR
Huffington Post / PA/The Huffington Post
23-Feb-2012 (one comment)

British MPs warned today that Britain's critical national infrastructure could be crippled in a high-altitude space attack by a rogue state like IRI.

James Arbuthnot, the chairman of the committee, said he believed the possibility of an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) attack was "quite likely".

A nuclear device detonated up to 500 miles above the earth's surface could generate an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) with a "devastating" effect on power supplies, telecommunications and other vital systems, the Commons Defence Committee said.

It warned that countries such as Iran - which is resisting international pressure to end its nuclear programme - and even eventually some "non-state actors" could acquire the technology to mount such an attack.

Terrorists could also build a "crude" non-nuclear EMP weapon, with the power to cause disruption over a more limited area.

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What Else You are not telling us

by darius on

Well, a nation with 300 old  obsolete  fighter jets.

Old and  retofitted tanks to  present as  new and designed tank.

Missiles and wepaons system bougt from North Korea or designed domestically that with theie existing capability are not much  better than few artillery shells that are made domestically and the quality is questionable.

Can't feed his own nation  and paying  4 times more  for  basic necessities(makin Turkey  ,Indians, Chinese to become stronger).

Sure , they have some unreliable  an dquestionable proxies that historically have changed sides ( show them more  money)  if you can call that power and influence  

Just tell us how such a backward nation can  do all kind of hi-tech stuff . Just how these existential threat can deploy  and  explode a bomb with such  a  capacity before testing ?

Why don't you tell us that since nuclear bombs test  by you guys , the humanity  still breathing and consumning the radio active material that decay for thousands of years and lingering around. 

You are either lying to your teeth  or   you know something  we do not know.

Tell us the truth and explain how a country that is under the sanction

and 24/7 under surveillance from all sides and all kind of spy agencies can be  such a  threat to the world ?

At least explain it to us dumb Iranian that are living outside Iran and have access to verify your claims.

Why don't you start dropping the bombs,  who can stop you.United Nation,China,Russia ?

Go ahead and kill all those Iranian , don't be shy about it, You have been doing it in  other places, then   what are all these excuses about! 

As we say in Persian " be kodomm sazetoon beaghseem" .Make up your mind .You did not like Shah, You do not like Bunch of F..Mullah and I am sure the next person you  support , will be center of new kind of  criticism for  anew kind of war .

The point is that 2/3 of world population and 200 of these nations are exixtential threat to the world power.They are consuming and using the air and resources  that west needs to survive.

Then, please go and drop your bombs, kill us all. If you do not do it today, you have to do it soon.Save yourself money and time.



Stop lying to us, stop fooling us. You do not beleive in human rights, democracy or right of other  nation or others to decide for thesleves.

Don't be a good human, let them die in their own poverty, ignorance and live the way they want . This is much better way, easier way.