America’s Crusade ‘Utterly Utopian’ - Pat Buchanan
RT / Pat Buchanan

According to Buchanan, Syria is a potential disaster where the world might have a proxy war between Sunni and Shia Muslims, with ethnic conflicts Kurds and Druze on the way.­“There are a number of people that want a war in Iran”Commenting on the Iranian nuclear program, Pat Buchanan said there are neo-cons and Israel lobby politicians in the US that support Tel Aviv’s wishes for America to smash Iranian nuclear facilities.“There are many Americans that generally believe that Iran is moving toward a nuclear weapon and, if it is, they would favor a military action to prevent it,” he said, though he refused to acknowledge that Iran is a nuclear threat.Pat Buchanan recalled the Cuban missile crisis, when the US and the USSR had thousands of weapons “to destroy each other in the afternoon” and that was “genuinely terrifying.”Today’s Iran has neither the nuclear bomb, nor the means of delivering it.  

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