Obama, Iran, and The Arrogance of The Empire
Wide Asleep in America / Nima Shirazi

President Barack Obama released a statement on January 23, 2012 praising the EU's recent decision to embargo Iranian oil. The statement reads in full: "...These sanctions demonstrate once more the unity of the international community in addressing the serious threat presented by Iran's nuclear program. The United States will continue to impose new sanctions to increase the pressure on Iran. ..... and we will continue to increase the pressure unless Iran acts to change course and comply with its international obligations."

The United States and the EU combined account for only about 10% of world's population. How arrogant it is for Barack Obama to claim this represents the "unity of the international community," especially when the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) represents over 55% of the world's population and has repeatedly acknowledged its support for Iran's right to a peaceful nuclear program under IAEA safeguards? >>>
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