Reporting From Iran
RSN / Danny Schechter

Fairness and Accuracy in Media singles out a recent ABC newscast  as an egregious example of propaganda. “America’s top spy warns that Iran is willing to launch a terrorist strike inside the U.S.,” announced anchor Diane Sawyer at the top of the program. “We’ll tell you his evidence.”The ABC report was actually very light on evidence. It did, however, pass along numerous incendiary allegations from U.S. government officials – without the skeptical scrutiny that is real journalism’s primary function.Echoing the government, Sawyer set up the report with an assertion that Iran is “more determined than ever to launch an attack on U.S. soil.” Correspondent Martha Raddatz, claiming that the “the saber-rattling coming from Iran has been constant,” told viewers that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper delivered “a new bracing warning …  Iran may be more ready than ever to launch terror attacks inside the United States.”

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