How Israel Is Using Sanctions and Terror Bombing to Provoke Iran Into War
The Independent / Patrick Cockburn
05-Feb-2012 (one comment)

The way in which the growing confrontation with Iran is being sold by the US, Israel and West European leaders is deeply dishonest. >>>
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The Khomeinist tyranny calls other Great Satan, Little Satan

by AMIR1973 on

for 33 years. It attacks their embassies and takes their diplomats hostage. Throughout its proxies, it bombs yet more embassies, kidnaps and kills civilian, and hijacks planes. It chants "Death to America", "Death to Israel", "Death to (Fill in the Blank)" on a constant basis, including at its official rallies where the Leader speaks. It burns their flags. It sponsors holocaust denial conferences and invites former KKK Grand Wizards and European neo-Nazis to speak. It refers to its opponents as "cancerous tumor", "rotting corpse", etc and proclaims in its official propaganda "bayad az beyn beravad". Does this qualify as "demonization"? (Not to mention the tens of thousands of Iranians it has executed and the hundreds of thousands it killed by continuing a destructive and worthless war).