Bizarre: Penis tattoo of Persian ‘Good-luck’ gives Iranian permanent erection
Allvoices. com / Nina Rai
09-Jan-2012 (7 comments)

Perhaps with the a view to impressing the Persian Goddess of good luck as also his girlfriend, a 21-year old Iranian thought it would be a great idea to have his ‘little gentleman’ – penis tattooed with ‘borow be salaamat’ (good luck on your journeys in Persian), and the first initial of his girlfriend’s last name -“M.”

Unfortunately for the young lad, his sense of bravado turned tragic leaving him with a permanent semi-erection possibly for life. Medically speaking, how could merely getting a penis tattooed make it go haywire? Why could this disaster have happened? According to some Iranian urologists quoted in recent ‘Journal of Sexual Medicine’ it is largely due to the traditional techniques being employed for tattooing.

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Anonymous Observer

Don't forget about the problems with namaz-e jomeh Faramarz

by Anonymous Observer on

when he "sojdeh," his "thing" may hit the guy in front of him who has just bent over.  That can cause some serious "namoosi" problems...


Lots of Problems AO!

by Faramarz on

How does he close the door, unless he has long arms?

How does he do push-ups or sit-ups?

How does he sit on the toilet?

How does he stand on the bus or train next to a seated person?

Anonymous Observer

How does he sit "chahar zanoo" at the "sofreh" now

by Anonymous Observer on

while permanently pitching a tent?


Poor "M", I feel sorry for her

by Rea on

Rather confusing.

1. Either it is semi-erection, not the same as erection, big difference.  2. Or it's 24/7 priapic erection. But even viagra can't do it. Fortunately as well, for who would endure the torture.  3. Or it's impotence.

Which one of the three is awaiting her ?

PS. Young people nowadays, crazy. In my days, it used to be a heart tattoo with her name and an arrow, army date as well. But one of the two arms, not the family torch.




If you ever want to tattoo something in Persian on your thing, try "Movaffagh!" And use different font size depending on how much real estate you have to work with!

But a permanent semi-erect state is double-edged sword, or as Mae West once said, "Is that a banana in your pocket or you are just happy to see me!"

Anonymous Observer

Well, HTG jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

for most of us, "Wendy" will be all that will fit on that part of our body.  But you know those Jamaican guys..they're lucky in that reagrd.

This Iranian guy was apparently trying to bite of more than he could chew...or his girlfriend could well.  That whole sentence?  Was there really room for all that?  My hat's off to him if there was! 


AO, your "News" item reminds of a Jamaican joke:

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

An American tourist goes to Jamaica, before leaving the airport he goes to the restroom to pee. Right next to himself he sees this Jamaican fellow with "W" & "Y" tattooed on his member.

The American fellow also had the name of his girlfriend Wendy  tattooed on his Jr.

So he thinks the Jamaican dude  has the same tattoo as well, and says: " Yeah man I got my girl's name Wendy tattooed down there too."

The Jamican guy replies:  Mine says "Welcome to Jamaica and have a very nice day"