THe 'Pro-Israel' Right Loses It
Aljazeera / MJ Rosenberg


When it comes to the Middle East, the right-wingers remember nothing.   

 It has been over a week since the lobby that deems itself "pro-Israel" began its recent effort to suppress the views of those of us it considers Israel-haters, self-hating Jews, or - in a most ridiculous twist given that most of us are Jews - "anti-Semites".

The effort to silence us now stems from (1) the determination to defeat President Obama, and (2) the need to intimidate us as the lobby and its congressional acolytes cowboy up for a bombing campaign against Iran.

I am one of the least significant figures to come under attack.

The bill of particulars against me is that I use the term "Israel firster" to describe those who consistently thwart the efforts of US presidents to achieve Middle East peace. Their goals are those of the Israeli right: to maintain the occupation and prevent diplomacy with Iran.


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