Troops beat Cairo protesters after clashes

Egyptian soldiers with batons charged into Tahrir Square, beating protesters and burning tents, on the second day of violent clashes and anti-military demonstrations in the capital.

The renewed fighting in Cairo on Saturday came as Egypt's health ministry reported 10 people were killed and 432 others injured since Friday when soldiers stormed an anti-military protest camp outside the parliament building, a short distance from Tahrir.

The soldiers cleared the area as thick black smoke filled the skies following the eruption of a fire in the area around Egypt's upper house of parliament.

Al Jazeera also filmed exclusive footage of what appeared to be a soldier, in a line of charging troops, drawing a pistol and firing shots at a group of retreating protesters.

"[These are] very nasty and such ugly scenes that we have witnessed for ourselves in downtown Cairo," said Al Jazeera's Sherine Tadros.

"This is real violence that we have seen against the protesters, unarmed protesters being beaten by the military police and the soldiers."

Military police openly beat women protesters in the street, slapped elders on the face, and pulled the shirt off of at least one veiled woman as she struggled on the pavement. Witnesses told the AP new agency that soldiers beat and gave electric shocks to men and women dragged into detention, many of them held in the nearby parliament buildings.

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