Iran-Israel see eye-to-eye... at least in the realm of cinema
The Times of India / T Ramavarman
27-Nov-2011 (one comment)

PANAJI: The jury assigned the task of selecting this year's best movie has an unusual dimension-two members are eminent filmmakers from countries hostile to each other.

While Tahmineh Milani has done much through her movies to spread the message of women's empowerment in Iran, Dan Wolman is equally big in Israel.

Both are panelists for the international competition section of the International Film Festival of India (Iffi) presently under way in the state.

Both are also "extremely pleased" at the opportunity to be cleansed of the hostilities imposed on them by their countries' political boundaries.

"We are not politicians, and we find no problem in working together," smiles Milani.

Wolman adds, "We are happy that we are able to come out of the fears of constant attacks and work together at least in the field of cinema here."

Agreeing, Milani says, "Cinema is not bound by political boundaries. Its appeal is universal. In fact, we 'travel' from one country to another within the screening hall itself when we watch films from various countries. The geographical boundaries become totally irrelevant when we watch the films."

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Iran-Israel Team Up

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"But both of them-- Tahmineh Milani from Iran and Dan Wolman from Israel-- sounded extremely pleased to remain cleansed of the hostilities imposed on them by their political boundaries and to remain engrossed in the universally alluring world of cinematic art, at least during the ten-day long festival."