Israeli Forces Board Pro-Palestinian Flotilla
04-Nov-2011 (one comment)

Pro-Palestinian activists say Israeli naval forces are boarding their two ships in international waters, as they were trying to break Israel's blockade of Gaza.

Timeline: Gaza Blockade

  • June 2007: Hamas takes control of Gaza from the Fatah movement. Israel tightens restrictions on the flow of goods into the territory, citing concerns about Hamas militants gaining access to arms. Egypt seals its border crossing.
  • January 2008: Thousands of Palestinians stream into Egypt after Hamas militants blow up a section of the border.
  • May 2010: Israeli commandos storm a Turkish-led aid flotilla. Nine pro-Palestinian activists are killed.
  • June 2010: Israel eases its land blockade of Gaza in response to international outrage over deadly raid.
  • June 2010: Egypt temporarily opens its Rafah crossing to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza.
  • May 2011: Egypt's new military rulers announce re-opening of Rafah crossing in effort to "end the divisions among Palestinians and finalize their national reconciliation." The decision, in general, allows Palestinians with passports to cross.
  • November 2011: Vessels carrying 27 pro-Palestinian activists sail from Turkey, face confrontation with Israeli navy ships

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Pirates with military uniform at the sea

by Bavafa on

Lack of international condemnation to this fascist, illigale and criminal behavior is mind boggling.