The Third Intifada Has Already Begun
Aljazeera / Hamid Dabashi
'The Arab Spring ... is the commencement of the Third Intifada on a transnational, pan-Arab and pan-Muslim scale. No amount of global revulsion at US President Barack Obama's mendacious speech at the UN General Assembly in September 2011, unabashedly seeking to preempt the possibility of the Palestinian statehood bid, can ever match the unsurpassed hypocrisy with which Mr. Audacity of Hope has opted to put his signature to his presidency. After this speech it will no longer matter if he wins the next US presidential election or loses it to Attila the Hun on the Republican side. He will be remembered in history for the fireworks of his having stirred a nation to seek their better angels in 2008 and then let the crude cowardice with which he betrayed that dream throw a bucket of iced water on those who trusted his words. >>>
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