Pro-Assad Rally Draws Thousands to Syrian Capital

The Syrian capital has been the scene of a massive show of support, the biggest for months, for embattled President Al-Assad, with calls for him to be given more time to make the promise of reform a reality.Thousands of people gathered in the heart of Syria to show their support and loyalty to President Bashar Al-Assad. He is still struggling to quell a nationwide uprising despite promises of reforms.But his supporters say the government needs more time to push through change.Fourteen people were killed by gunfire in two Syrian towns on Thursday in clashes between pro- Assad  troops and gunmen believed to be army defectors, a human rights group reported. Six soldiers and two army deserters as well as one civilian were killed in fighting in the southern town of Haara and five civilians were killed in the northern province of Idlib.RT's Tesa Arcilla has travelled to Damascus to see for herself what is happening on the ground. "America, out, out, Syria will stay free," chanted the crowd in the capital Damascus on Wednesday, many of them carrying pictures of Al-Assad and Syrian flags.

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