War in Afghanistan: A Crime Against Humanity?

The decade-long war waged by the US and its allies in Afghanistan does not seem to be coming to an end. With tremendous civilian casualties and a ruined economy and institutions, the justification for the war seems to be dubious and ill-considered.The war against Afghanistan was an act of illegal aggression by the United States and NATO despite its being presented as a response to 9/11, believes Michel Chossudovsky, editor at the Center for Research on Globalization.However, “Afghanistan as a country was not behind the attack,” he underlines.The legacy of the war which started in 2001 is a wrecked economy and institutions, lack of public health and mass unemployment, he adds.Chossudovsky doubts that it is possible to plan a large-scale war in Central Asia in just four weeks.The war on Afghanistan was on the drawing board of the Pentagon. Iit was in advanced stages of planning before 9/11,” he claims. And 9/11 provided the pretext and justification for waging a war on a sovereign country, an impoverished country in Central Asia,” he says, labeling it as a fabricated pretext.

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