The battle to save Iran's Lake Orumieh
The Guardian / Potkin Azarmehr
08-Sep-2011 (one comment)

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of Lake Orumieh and if I am ever able to go back to Iran visiting the lake will be one of my first stops. Now, I am horrified to think that not only may I never see the lake again, but my children and the future generations of Iranians will only read about what was once a magnificent part of their country. Lake Orumieh isdrying up.


Located in north-west Iran, Orumieh is the largest lake in the Middle East and the third-largest salt lake on earth. It has more than 100 rocky islands, which add to its beauty and mystical allurement. Apart from itsbreathtaking natural scenery, it is also home to a kaleidoscope of wildlife, which includes more than 200 species of birds, various reptiles and amphibians and 27 mammals, including the Iranian yellow deer.


Lake Orumieh is not short of minerals either and, like the Dead Sea, its soil, minerals and salts are used to cure var... >>>

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by hass on

Yeah, its the IRI's fault that a natural phenomenon is occurring. Lets exploit this to the maximum extent possible, especially by "Azeri" separatists who refer to Iran as "Southern Azerbaijan".