China-printed Quran has spelling mistakes: Iran
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31-Aug-2011 (8 comments)

TEHRAN: Iran, which gave contracts to publishers in China to print copies of the Quran, has said the books are full of spelling mistakes, the Mehr news agency reported. 

Several Iranian publishers had asked for copies of the Quran to be published in China. However, the copies came back littered with spelling mistakes, said Ahmad Haji-Sharif, director of the department of evaluation on publication of the Holy Quran

The copies were cheaply made in China but are being sold in Iran for much more than they are really worth, he said. 

He said that if a customer finds out that the actual value of a Chinese copy is less, but it is full of mistakes, he would certainly prefer to purchase an Iranian product with better quality and bearing no mistakes. 


China-printed Quran has spelling mistakes LOL

by Simorgh5555 on

First, the Islamic Republic gets scrwed over an $800 million missile  contract from Russia and now it receives rubbish copies of the Koran from its other pimp China. I'm just lovin' it. This is what happens when the Islamic Republic reduces Iran to the status of a whore client state beholden to China and Russia and then pretends to be independent. 

For God's sakes rise up and get rid of this cancer in the middle east. 



lol @ Faramarz

by Simorgh5555 on

Loved it!

I imagine  Prince Philip would say  if you start to read it for too long then you would get 'squinty eyed'  half way through the middle. 

I'll have some flied lice to go with that too!  

Ari Siletz

LOL Faramarz!

by Ari Siletz on



Good Observations Ari!

by Faramarz on


I received one of these Chinese Qurans as a gift for Ramazan and I liked its gold and red colors. But when I saw references to Hot and Sour Soup, Pork Siu Mai, Pot Stickers, Vegetable Chow Main, Mu Shu Chicken and Combination no. 4, I knew that something was up!


Quite funny

by fozolie on


Mr. Fozolie

Ari Siletz

Many Koran errors were probably there to begin with

by Ari Siletz on

The official Koran has over 100 spelling, grammatical and other editing errors. Example from this website


در سوره «نور» آمده است:... لاتکرهو افتیاکم علی الغاء ان اردن تحصناً
لتبتغوا عرض الحیات الدنیا و من یکزههن فان الله من بعد اکراههن غفور
رحیم... یعنی دختران خود را برای تحصیل مال و دارایی به زنا مجبور نکنید.
کسی که آنها را مجبور کند پش از مجبور کردن آنها خداوند آمرزنده و بخشنده

همان گونه که دیده می شود در اینجا یک غلط انشایی بزرگی بچشم می خورد:
آیا خداوند به بزهکاران و آنهایی که دخترانشان را به زنا می فروشند، بخشنده
و مهربان است و یا به دخترانی که به زنا فروخته شدند!؟
پر واضح است که
منظور محمد، نهی یک کار زشت بوده است اما، چرا اگر قرآن کلام «خدا»ست و
باید بی عیب و نقص باشد، چنین نادرستی فاحشی در آن دیده می شود؟


On the other hand, some devout Muslims say if it says so in the Koran then who are we to argue!?


Rastin Jan

by Simorgh5555 on

When young Iranian boys were conscripted and sent to war against Saddam Hussein  they were given a plastic key which they wore around their neck so that they would open the door of heaven if they were to be killed. The trouble is the key was manufactured by Chinese athiest communists! 


Just like all the other Chinese crap on the Iranian market

by Rastin on

This too is ruining the Iranian market. That aside, it is actually funny. 

Parsis Victor