Grand Theft Auto: Iran
Digital Trends

One of the directors of the Grand Theft Auto series is now working on a new open world game set in Iran during the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Video game director Navid Khonsari has plans to do something a little different with gaming, by creating a game based on the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The game will delve into the historical and fictional — but realistic — emotional toll felt by Iranians of the time, and allow you to jump between multiple characters and experience the Revolution from very different viewpoints. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the controversy beginning as the public blindly rages against a game set in Iran, which may cast the Islamic Republic under Ayatollah Khomeini in a favorable light while casting the American backed Shah’s regime as oppressive. In an interview with CNN, Khonsari claimed that his game — which is titled 1979 — will stick to its tag line “There are no good guys.”

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