Israeli Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef Endorses Killing of Non-Jews Document
Al-Jazeerah / Katie Child
29-Jun-2011 (one comment)

Rabbi Ya’akov Yosef Expected To Be Arrested For Justifying The Killing Of Non-Jews

After ignoring police summons, Rabbi Ya’akov Yosef faces arrest for a written endorsement of the Torat Hamelech, which justifies the killing of non-Jews, including babies, that pose a threat to the nation of Israel.

On Monday, the police detained the rabbi briefly for questioning. Right-wing activists were photographed carrying the rabbi after his release from the brief detention with the Israeli police.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Rabbi Ya’akov said, “there is no reason for investigators to meddle in halachic issues, and besides – it’s not rabbis who take people out to war, rather the government and the army.”

The Torat Hamelech, published November of 2009, is a 230-page commentary written by Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur, who live an illegal West Bank settlement of Yitzhar.

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by Simorgh5555 on

Dear News Editor
I was not aware that allowing blatant hypocricy to be a feature of this news section. No sooner was I rebuked by this news poster 'A Copier' for recommending non-Iranian news in the form of harmless yet informative information relating to NASA the individual in concern posts up a news article relating to... Guess what?........ISRAEL. I didn't know Israeli domestic news had any connection to Iran and if it did then where is the link?
Not only does the hypocrite A Copier fail to inform his readers that the Rabbi's comments have been widely condemned by Israel but it seems posting news articles about anything other than Iran should not be allowed with the solid edxeption of ISRAEL.