Instability in Israel sparks growing exodus from Promised Land
25-Jun-2011 (one comment)

Israel was a state created for Jewish people from all over the world to call their home. But due to security fears, growing numbers of Israelis want to leave, opting for EU or American citizenship to meet their expectations of a promised land.

­Rachel Shitz has no reason to like Germany. She was born there before World War II and within six years had been expelled and most of her family killed. But the irony is – she now wants a German passport.

“I want German citizenship to help my children and grandchildren,” she explains, which might be shocking if it was not so common in Israel today.

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How Ironic

by on

I just suggested Simourgh and other Zionist ilks like him here on IC to hurry pack and leave Tel Aviv for their own sake. The Zionist entity is breathing the last possible air. Viola, here is an indepth related report of what I suggested to these low life Zionists.

May be now they take my suggestion more seriously and get the hell out of Tel Aviv if they are not already out in a comfortable place such as the the US or Europe where they claim were prosecuted before. Indeed ironc!!!!!!!!