NATO Operation in Libya Is Collective Punishment – Ex-Congresswoman
RT / Cynthia McKinney Is Interviewed
14-Jun-2011 (one comment)

NATO is preventing shipments of fuel, food and medicine to come in. There have been efforts to get medicine into the country that have been denied by NATO. It is impossible to go on any street and miss the huge queues – sometimes three or four deep – that go on and on, as they queue up to get gasoline from the service station,” McKinney says.

McKinney also told RT how universities and other civilian facilities are being bombed by NATO troops.

I don’t know why NATO is choosing these targets, but these are civilian targets. Whenever you target a civilian population, you’re committing a crime,” she added.

 Speaking of why the US has gone to the war in Libya, McKinney recalled how the US government already lied to its citizens and the world about the reasons to go to war in Iraq.  >>>
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Targeting civilians or 'collective punishment' in retaliation for a military loss is a hallmark of Zio-Terrorists who have deployed such tactics on Palestinians for decades. When US forces quickly realized that they were in deep trouble in asymmetric warfare in Iraq, naturally the Zio-Terrorists were called in to train US troops on their tactic. Targeting civilian population as a collective punishment was one such training and has been an unspoken part of war strategy of the US/NATO in both Iraq and Afghanistan ever since.

So, pay attention to the news over a span of time rather than concentrating on its instantaneous impact especially in wars against Muslims, that is, in Iraq and Afghanistan!