Israeli settlers 'desecrate' West Bank mosque
08-Jun-2011 (2 comments)

Israeli settlers have been accused of attacking a mosque in the occupied West Bank, setting alight carpets and spraying Hebrew graffiti on its walls.

Palestinian residents of al-Mughayyir village awoke for dawn prayers to find smoke billowing from the mosque, Darwish Haj Mohammed, the mosque imam, said on Tuesday.

"There are slogans which show without doubt that settlers entered the mosque and burned it," Mohammed said, adding that the arsonists had broken in through the windows.

Hebrew graffiti scrawled on the mosque wall read "Price tag - Eley Ain", signalling the attack had been mounted in retribution for the removal by the Israeli authorities of a structure at Eley Ain, a nearby settlement outpost, last week.

The attack drew strong condemnation from Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, and Ehud Barak, the defence minister.

"This is a criminal act intended as a provocation. Israel has pioneered respect of freedom of worship and will work decisively against all who harm this principle," Netanyahu said in a statement.

The Israeli defence minister said he had instructed the military to "use all means to apprehend the perpetrators", adding that the "criminal act was intended to ... harm the chances of living in peace side by side".

"Israeli authorities cannot continue to turn a blind eye, which gives settlers impunity to continue with their a... >>>


This would have been called terrorist activity if

by Bavafa on

This would have been called "terrorist" if it was carried out by Palestinians but not here...



Jewish Settlers are doing what the IR does.

by Simorgh5555 on

Extremist Israeli settler groups such as these are already defined as Terrorists by the Israeli government. This includes groups associated with Meir Kahana.

Sunni Muslims (which is the religion of the majority of Palestinians) can't build a mosque in Tehran or other major cities in Iran but they can do in Tel-Aviv Israel, a Jewish state. 

Even more tragic is that as soon as news of the firebomb of this mosque is announced there are three news threads condemning it. I put a news thread about the wilfull neglect of Persepolis in Iran I get five replies one of which is by an Iranian who doesn't seem to be bothered. 


 Or the neglect of the Sasanian Bas Releifs


 Not a single response. 


 Why are Palestinian mosques more imoprtant than 3,000 year old Iranian heritage?