3 Years Old Abused Child Died 18 Days After Burnt By Father
Digital Journal / Helena Quartz
04-Jun-2011 (4 comments)

Tehran - Barbod, 3 years old abused child, whose body was burnt up to 70% by his addicted father, died in hospital on late Thursday June 2, despite 18 days of challenge to survive.
In a heartbreaking news, the Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA) reported* (Link to non-English web page) little Barbod, a third in a recent child abuse chain, died 10 AM Friday June 3, Tehran local time.

Barbod was hospitalized for 18 days in Tehran Mottahari Hospital. A local child support charity association called Mehrafarin had assumed the cost of Barbod’s treatment during his hospitalization. Fatemeh Daneshvar, Mehrafarin’s CEO told ISNA: “ We tried to transfer Barbod to Chamran Hospital – a private hospital with higher specialty in burnt body treatment - but they asked for 70 million ($70,000 USD) , i.e. $1,000 USD for each percentage of burnt degree, and unfortunately we couldn’t afford it.”

Barbod was suffering a body burnt over 70% after his unbalanced father poured a full tank of gasoline and put fire on him. He was the third victim of sever child abuse cases in Iran only ... >>>

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lissnup, I hear you.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

And, at the risk of being called a jew, bahai, MKO supporter, monarchist, Commi, and having insultive blogs dedicated to me, I want to say this loud and clear:

Stop spreading this barbaric culture of brutality in my land. Stop turning my people into a bunch of blood thirsty, apathetic savages  by hanging people in public, in front of a crowd of children, young, old, man and woman for crime of "being against God"....  

Damn you murdering Islamist fascists & Damn your Evil God

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


$70K for each %??

by Cost-of-Progress on

wow, I thought that this is a divine and islamic system. What kind of capitalist nonsense is this? 

When the best religious establishment treats people on a per-burn basis, what can one expect from the infidels of the world?







by Simorgh5555 on

There is a very simple explanation about the almost indifference of Iranian users here to tragic stories like this: They are not Palestinians. If there is breaking news that Israel shoots 20 protesters in the Golan heights it immediately illicits a response. Mention executions in Iran, the neglect of Persepopis, the drying up of Lake Urumieh you will be lucky to get 5 responses. Iranians have become desensitised and detached from their compatriots and their people. Rest assure, if this was a child.burnt by phrospherous gas by Israel you will be hearing calls for murder! What a horrible people we have become.


No comments?

by lissnup on

No one has anything to say about this? For shame.