Fukushima and the Radioactive Sea
27-May-2011 (one comment)

Fukushima's owner, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, has confirmed that fuel at Unit One melted BEFORE the arrival of the March 11 tsunami.

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Mohammad Alireza

Say "No!" to Nuclear Energy.

by Mohammad Alireza on

"A "dead zone" around Fukushima similar to the one surrounding Chernobyl is likely in the making. According to a report published in the Japan Times, levels of contamination in areas around Fukushima are at least comparable to some around Chernobyl.

But people outside the official evacuation zone are also vulnerable. Radiation detected in Tokyo, nearly 200 miles away, at one point prompted the Japanese government to recommend mothers not use tap water to mix formula for their infants."

Educate your fellow Iranians about the folly of nuclear energy and let's not waste any more money on this disaster in the making.

Solar is the answer.