"What Israel Is Doing is not in the Best Interest of Judaism"
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26-May-2011 (one comment)

Democracy Now! Interviews CodePink Activist Who Disrupted Israeli PM Speech to Congress:

Rae Abileah, a Jewish-American activist of Israeli descent with the peace group CodePink, disrupted Netanyahu’s speech. Standing in the congressional gallery, she yelled, “No more occupation! Stop Israel war crimes! Equal rights for Palestinians! Occupation is indefensible!” As she screamed, members in the audience tackled her to the ground, and undercover security forces later dragged her outside.

She was taken to George Washington University Hospital where she was treated for neck and shoulder injuries. At the hospital, police arrested Abileah and charged her with disorderly conduct for disrupting Congress. Her protest came as part a week-long series of actions organized by CodePink called Move Over AIPAC. We speak to Abileah about why she used nonviolent civil disobedience to disrupt Netanayahu’s speech.

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This courageous lady is a living proof that

by Bavafa on

Just as not all Muslims are not terrorist, not all Jews believe in occupation, theft, rape and murder of their neighbors