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MOCKING JESUS ON ISRAELI TV – צליבת ישו – THE CRUCIFIXION OF “YESHU” Show host to monkey depicting Jesus on the cross – “You are a Nazi, Yeshu (Jesus), you are a Nazi”. >>>
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Zionism is a Non-Issue

by Escape on

Please Do Not Misrepresent My View

I never quoted you I quoted my own feeling on this article but it does point to your cloak of racism which you try to present.Let me get your view right then,I believe it's something to do with 'Zionist' purposely being racist toward Palestinians.But not 'regular' Jews.Or the State.Let's take the people or 'certain' people first.

Jews or Zionist Jews in Isreal,whatever your play on words no twist of political correctness remove's the fact that racism is what the entire conflict is about.A land dispute of type of people over another.It's racist through every part thick and thin..'No Jews Allowed' is as racist as it gets.Or "No Zionist Jews as I said,whatever.

Just replace your own words here 'Isreal and its ideology' with 'Hamas and it's Islamic brainwash'.
"I would further argue that the real racism in Israel resides in the state of Israel and in its ideology. ...It is always unwise, perhaps even wrong, to characterize a nation as racist, even when the majority of its population holds racist sentiments. One should always look to the state power and its ideology as the culprit."

In your own application you still don't make sense.Because the 'State' power is not moving 'State' building's into the West Bank.Jewish people are.Technically for humanitarian reasons the State does protect those people.It's easily confused (and purposely) with State Zionism or Racism with Jewish people simply moving into suburbs in the West Bank..

Zionism as a idealogy is/was about Establishing Isreal.Not that it doesn't exist,Racism is a different issue..Zionism was a problem before the re-creation of Isreal which was meant to make a state for both Jews and Palestinians.Therefore there was nothing racist about it any more than the Palestinians wanting to create their own state as well.This became a Issue when the Palestinians were convinced by other Arab nations to not accept the State of Isreal.Now that the State of Isreal is Established,the only merit the Zionism argument holds is one about the settlements.But as I just wrote,its a false analogy and defense of racism which you try to cloak with words.The racism of people not being able to live together is proven to be not by the Jew's or 'zionist' Jews because they are willingly moving and trying to integrate.Racism in this circumstance is a Defender stance for Isreal and a Offensive for Hamas and the rest of it's likeminded Islamists.

So I don't condemn people for simply living in a Area as you seem to think is fitting for yourself to do so.

I get the feeling you won't be able to follow this so let me ask you just how is the State being Racist if not the people?It seems to me they are not and have tried to negotiate but they just can't control the people from living outside their border.Where is the racism?Is Isreal banning all Palestinians from Isreal? I think not.

Quite interesting you quote a realistic view of what is somewhat a myth that the Jews left Palestine,this view negates the idea of 'Occupation' which has become a code word for instant hostility toward's Jews.

Afshin Ehx

Escape: Please Do Not Misrepresent My View

by Afshin Ehx on

Please do not put racist words in my mouth. I never said or implied that the “Jews are entirely hateful”. I never used the words "hate" or "hateful". My problem is with Zionism and not with Jews.  My statement in my first response to Simorgh5555 was clear enough: 

"I would further argue that the real racism in Israel resides in the state of Israel and in its ideology. ...It is always unwise, perhaps even wrong, to characterize a nation as racist, even when the majority of its population holds racist sentiments. One should always look to the state power and its ideology as the culprit."

Afshin Ehx

Simorgh5555: Re Zionism & Israel

by Afshin Ehx on

 Israel is an apartheid state. This is so obvious that even a politically moderate person like Jimmy Carter refers to Israeli as such. In some senses, Israeli apartheid is worse than the one in the former South Africa. While the South African apartheid needed its exploited black population as a source for creating wealth, the Israeli apartheid treats Palestinians worse in that it does not need them, and would not mind expelling or exterminating them if it could get away with it. My guess is that they are waiting for the cover of another war, perhaps a war with Iran, to do this evil deed. Now, if you want to treat Zionism as a form of nationalism, conceding that all nationalist creeds have racist elements, I would argue that Zionism is a qualitatively different form of nationalism as it is undergirded by pronounced racist sentiments. Furthermore, considering Zionism as racism is a widespread phenomenon; even some Jews acknowledge it (see for instance //

As to your contention that Jewish people have returned to their homeland in Palestine, and hence the genocide of Palestinians should not be put in the same scale as the genocide of Native Americans by European immigrants, I want to refer to The Invention of the Jewish People, a book by Professor Shlomo Sand (a widely respected Jewish scholar, even in Israel, who teaches at Tel Aviv University). He argues that the Jewish exodus is a myth, and that there are no historical documents to support the claim that the majority of the Jews left, or were expelled from, their homeland. To the contrary, most of them stayed put, and became Christians, and later Muslims. Moreover, most of the European (and American) Jews who have immigrated to Israel in the last half a century or so are not “ethnically” or “racially” Jewish. Rather, they are children of native Europeans whose ancestors converted to Judaism in past centuries. In other words, the recent immigrants to Israel have no ancestral connections to the land that they claim belonged to their ancestors. The Irony of the Jewish-Palestinian conflict is that the religious Zionist Jews who kill, mistreat, and exploit Palestinians, in essence, are murdering,… the real Jews (real in the ethnic-racial sense).

Lastly, the argument that American citizens have no right to criticize Israel unless they first get a one way ticket to their ancestral land cannot be taken seriously for a variety of reasons. For one thing, there are millions of Americans who are critical of Israel. How can you expect a person whose great grand parents came from Italy, Ireland, China, etc. to go back to the land that they know nothing about just because they see the need to criticize Israeli apartheid. The “get out or shut up” argument is a false dichotomy. It reminds me of an argument that a friend of mine ran by me a while back: Americans who criticize U.S. foreign policy are hypocrites because it is the foreign policy of their government and its policies benefit them. Simply put, change your government or shut up. I trust that you can see the problem with this argument.


  Myths are often Lies of

by Escape on

  Myths are often Lies of Ignorance.

I Don't know where to start,I have to just throw out tip's of iceberg's.

First,this News is not shocking.As much as I hate to agree with Ehx,The Jews are entirely hateful.

The entire Zitigeist,the Sun God,the Easter Egg story etc.Before the leftists got it,It's always been Jewish Propaganda Propagated from Canaan History made for Non-Christians to misunderstand what Christian's believe.What the Canaans believe and what Christians believe are two different things.I think it's sickening but some Jew's just hate anything Christian.But so do Arabs.They're both racist against Christians but let it be,screw them both I would not want to be a Jew or a Arab either one.

There was no Genocide of the Indians.Thats another Man Made Myth.


Indians are Minority,always have been.They were quickly outnumbered.The largest estimate I have seen at the begining of the colonization has been 400,000 indians.Now this was from a completely biased anti-american source..I find it very hard to believe but even given it doubled,is a minority.

The Indians are Asian immigrants themselves.They spread down from Alaska through the continents.

Indians live on reservations but are also scattered across America.
Indians are the most integrated minority in America.
Alot of Indians are half and half with regular names.
I bet you have talked to Indians and didn't even know you were talking to one,you just thought it was another American.

Indians still have their own sovereign nation's with their own land and laws.

That's more than any other nation has done for their Natives so I have to argue that Americans have more a right to critize Isreal than any other Nation.Yet you won't see it as a majority because as a educated people we know the idea that thinking the Jew's are not Native of Isreal is ludicrius.You would have to believe that History began with a 400 year Ottoman Occupation and that the Jews enjoyed every minute of it.

Indians are not Palestinians.If they were,they would be suicide bombing across America,200 hundred years later.The Pals are truly racist,they cannot live with Jews,isn't that what the entire conflict is about? Their @#@ racism? How is it someone can support the Pals and I mean Hamas,then call others racist? Oh wait I know,they convince themselves that Jew's are not Native..Like I said,history to them begins with the 400 year occupation of Isreal..Quite strange that 'Iranians' would prefer to begin their history with Ottomans not with Cyrus...........




Afshin: Re Zionism

by Simorgh5555 on

I agree with you. Racism is unfortunately more pronounced in Israel but I do not believe any human being is born with a predisposed hatred towards certain people or ethnicity. People become racist because they are conditioned that way.  

We have to agree to disagree about Zionism being racist unless you count all forms of nationalism as racist. Zionism is no different from Palestinian nationalism, Kurdish nationalism, German nationalism or Chinese nationalism. All modern states are formed on the right of self determination of it people and nationalist aspirations and Zionism is no different. Zionism was not conceived on the basis of imperialism, racial superiority, the desire to expand and obtain more living space for their subjects- it was baed on the long standing religious and solid cultural and historical attachment to Palestine as well as constant persecution of Jews in Europe and Russia. Zionism had the support of intellelctuals such as Einstein, Freud and Kafka. 

To live in the United States and not be aware that you are living in an artificial state created by committing genocide against the indigenous population of the land, stealing their land property and culture, as well as eradicating their identity beggars belief. No American in the world should have the right to question the validity of Israel without conducting a reality check on themselves. Israeli Jews can at least produce evidence of historical ties to Palestine but what evidence does a US citizen have to America? Nothing unless he can trace his family back to Native Americans. At least there are Palestinain people in existence with a semi-independent state but what about Native Americans? Where are they? 

Don't get me wrong: The Israeli propaganda myth that the Palestinians all left willingly is a myth and is rejected by most Israeli historians and whilst the depopulation of the Palestinians was tragic (although some of it was self inflicted) this was an almost inevitable consequence of two peoples who have equal competing and legitimate right to the land. It just happened the Israelis won and the Arabs instead of recognising them lost a huge chunk of real estate.

Whilst Israeli Arabs/Palestinian-Israelis are routinely discriminated they fare a lot better than Palestinians in Jordan and Lebanon who are prohibited from taking full citizenship rights and entering into professions such as doctors and lawyers. Despite the problems facing Arabs in Israel they celebrate 'Al Nakba', they have representatives in the Israeli parliament, hold professional jobs, receive scholarship, enter universities.hold ministeral positions and play for the national football team. Their condition can be a million times improved but compare that to the Arabs in Ahwaz. Did you see their recent demonstration?  

 I am not going to defend Israeli racism or the reasons for it: insecurity, the rocket attacks and bombs planted on busses,  a sense of 'them and us' and even Jews being the Promised People.

Racism is wrong but just stand back and compare Israel's racism compared to how we treat Afghanis, Arabs, Kurds or Baloch.

And just to reiterate: If someone is an American citizen he or she has no right to criticize Israel's Right to Exist without packing his bags first and booking a one way ticket to their ancestral home.  

Afshin Ehx


by Afshin Ehx on

I could not agree more with what you have written in the first paragraph. Well put! Thank you!

However, as to your second paragraph, even though I agree with you that there is racism among Americans, Iranians, and I would add among many other nations, I would argue that racism among Israelis is much more pronounced, and qualitatively different, compared to racism in other nations; otherwise they would not vote racists like Netanyahu into office, or would not support the state of Israel in large numbers. I would further argue that the real racism in Israel resides in the state of Israel and in its ideology. Zionism is racism. It is always unwise, perhaps even wrong, to characterize a nation as racist, even when the majority of its population holds racist sentiments. One should always look to the state power and its ideology as the culprit. In the case of Nazi Germany, when Hitler was at the height of his power (after defeating France), the overwhelming majority of Germans supported him (and his state and its ideology). It was the Nazi ideology that was racist, yet one cannot help blaming Germans of the time for supporting a racist state.


As unpalatable as this video

by Simorgh5555 on

As unpalatable as this video is it is no worse or more offensive than South Park, Borat, Team America or Monty Python's the Life of Brian. The over the top and absurd sketch with the participation of the slutty TV Host is nothing but a silly attempt at satire. It is supposed to reflect the insecurity which Jews feel towards Christianity and ridicule the racism that exists in Israeli society in the same way as Borat's "Throw the Jew Down the Well" held a mirror America's racism in the Deep South despite being highly amusing. Although this is bad taste and appalling I have seen worse on American mainstream TV and even in Arab Newspapers cartoons. T

There is racism in Israel in the same way as there is racism amongst Iranians, Amercians and Europe. It should be condemned whereever we see it but it doesn't mean we condmen an entire nation for it.