Today Marks an Ancient Persian Festival
Persian Dutch Network / Peman Akbarzadeh

(PDN) - 22 April (2nd day of the Persian month ‘Ordibe- hesh’) will mark Ordibeheshtgah Festival.

Ordibeheshtgah is one of the main Festivals of Persians (Iranians) since thousands of years. In ancient Persia people were believing that the 2nd day of the month Ordibehesh belongs to an angel who represents honesty and purity. People in this celebration remind themselves that they should have such characteristics in their life.

In Persian calender, ‘Ordibehesht’ is the 2nd month of spring; when in most parts of Persia flowers have blossomed. In this way ‘Ordibeheshtgan” became a flower festival as well; a festival which is now popular in The Netherlands too.

In Ordibeheshgan Festival, Persians dress themselves in white to symbolize cleanliness and purity.

Persian Community in The Netherlands commemorates Ordibeheshtgan Festival and wishes peace and freedom to all nations in the World. (More...)

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