Iran Announces Launch Of Its Unmanned Flying Saucer
Popular Science / Rebecca Boyle

A photo of a flying saucer accompanied an actual news release from an actual Iranian news service, which claims the Islamic Republic has built a flying saucer.

Of course, it’s possible Iran’s news agency chose to illustrate their announcement with a screen shot from a 1950s B movie.  But the Fars News Service does not explain the photo’s origin, simply stating that the flying saucer was unveiled in a special ceremony.

The ship is called Zohal — Saturn in Persian — and is designed for aerial imaging.  Zohal has a data downlink and can fly in both indoor and outdoor spaces, according to the Fars News Service.  The Daily Mail points out that Fars is a hard-line state-run news service.  But with this photo, we can’t help but think of the homophone farce instead.

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