De-Racialising Revolutions
Aljazeera / Hamid Dabashi
17-Mar-2011 (one comment)


The roots of Arab and Iranian racism towards each other, and of both Arab and Iranian racism towards "black Africans" are too horrid and troubling to deserve full exposure at these magnificent moments in all our histories. Aspects and dimensions of these pathologies need to be addressed only to the degree that they point to a collective emancipation from the snares of racism transmuting into cycles of racialising violence.

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""Dabashi's inability to get

by vildemose on

""Dabashi's inability to get the facts of his own life correctly emulates his mentor, Edward Said, who famously lied about his childhood, as Justus Weiner so remarkably exposed in a September 1999 article, "'My Beautiful Old House' and Other Fabrications of Edward Said."

In yet another way, then, Hamid Dabashi brings discredit to his department, his university, and his field of study.""

Dabashi is a hysterical fool.