Saudi Arabian forces prepare to enter Bahrain after day of clashes
13-Mar-2011 (6 comments)

Saudi forces are preparing to intervene in neighbouring Bahrain, after a day of clashes between police and protesters who mounted the most serious challenge to the island's royal family since demonstrations began a month ago.

The Crown Prince of Bahrain is expected to formally invite security forces from Saudi Arabia into his country today, as part of a request for support from other members of the six-member Gulf Co-operation Council.

Thousands of demonstrators on Sunday cut off Bahrain's financial centre and drove back police trying to eject them from the capital's central square, while protesters also clashed with government supporters on the campus of the main university.

Amid the revolt Bahrain also faces a potential sectarian conflict between the ruling minority of Sunnis Muslims and a majority of Shia Muslims, around 70% of the kingdom's 525,000 residents.

The crown prince, Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, said in a televised statement that Bahrain had "witnessed tragic events" during a month of unprecedented political unrest.

Warning that "the right to security and safety is above all else", he added: "Any legitimate claims must not be made at the expanse of security ... >>>


Beacon of oppression and tyranny goes to work

by Bavafa on

A criminal act by an oppressive and fascist regime, and a shameful act by the enablers of that regime (i.e. the sane world)

When is the sane world going to stand against these bunch of Sheikh that are a leaders in sponsoring terrorism around the world




by Bavafa on

Should I take it that you support Saudi Arabi and their policy?

Or is it just a rant about me?  If so, ma chakerim



How come

by MRX1 on

IRI with it's amazing power (At least that's what Islamists keep telling us) does not intervene? Islamist also blame shah for loss of Bahrain (Apparenly loss of caspian sea is not an issue!) now here is their chance to intervene and unite that island with the mothership and they are not doing any thing about it.


another confused immigrant

by mullah-kosh on

Bavafa is indeed very "bivafa" when it comes to Iran's issues. Here is another great example of a confused immigrant, deep down he loves the western world, and takes advantage of all that the sane world has to offer to him and his family, on the other hand, like the thugs and islamofascists in Iran, he has that hatred of US and the sane world. I have never seen this guy get this passionate about what the Islamic Rapist is doing to Iran and Iranians. Indeed, having observed his writing here for at least the past 8 or 9 months, there are times he mildly defends the regime the occupying regime in Iran.

I have news for you. The beacon of oppression in the world is no longer Saudi Arabia, it is in IR. The rapist government in Iran has exectued more people this past year than any other country in the world. Not to mention that intangible fact that IR is an occupying regime, forcing a foreign culture on the nation. What happens in Saudi Arabia is an integral part of the culture of that country, it is in the fabric of that nation to treat people the way they do. Now, I am not saying that America or the sane world has no blame  there, but I wish I could this type of condemnation from you when it comes to the IR.

On the Leyla Sedighi threat, all you say is "I sure hope nothing happens to her". Now imprisoning, or huring a young, talented woman such as her is the ultimate beacon of oppression. And I hope the sane world take their guns out, and start taking out your beloved occupiers in Iran, reformist and all.

Darius Kadivar

Is this what the Arab League Calls "Muslim Brotherhood" ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


Let Lybian's be Bombed to Smitherins but let the Saudis crush the Upheavels in Bahrain.


Well unlike us Iranians they sure know where their Priorities are ... 


Bloody lucky Arab (Omid Djalili)



saudi dogs to be unleashed

by mahmoudg on

onto this tiny island Nation.  God forbid if there Islam is threatend.