Iran arrests Bahai followers for proselytising faith
Reuters / Editing by Matthew Jones
12-Mar-2011 (one comment)

Iran's Intelligence Ministry has arrested a number of adherents of the Bahai religious minority for proselytising their faith in schools, student news agency ISNA reported on Saturday quoting a court official.

The arrests were the outcome of nine months of undercover investigation in the capital Tehran and the city of Bam, in south-eastern Iran, said Mohammad Reza Sanjari, the prosecutor-general of the revolutionary court in Bam.

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Ali Najafi

Are they going to arrest kindergarten children?

by Ali Najafi on

When will this stop? First, they deny Baha'is from entering university. Next, they warn Iranian citizens from interacting with Bahais. They arrest Baha'is. They destroy Baha'i cemetaries. What next? Are they going to arrest Baha'i kindergarten children? Imagine it, a show trial featuring kindergarten childen!

It really makes you think, why is the IRI so scared of the Baha'i teachings? While it is Iran's largest religious minority, the Baha'is are only 300,000 in a population of 60M+. The IRI is so scared that they don't even want Baha'is to answer questions that their neighbors have on what they believe.

When will this stop?