Iran's Protests and Economic Realities
Council on Foreign Relations / Suzanna Maloney
04-Mar-2011 (one comment)

Unless we see some sort of dramatic deflation, dramatic change in the status of the Iranian currency, then it's unlikely, in part because so many Iranians have an economic connection with this regime.

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Nuff said!

by afshin on

Given the regime's propensity to violence and its ability to ruthlessly crush dissent, the only way it will be destroyed is through economic means.  If the outside world is truly serious about the IRI's demise, if the United States wants the Iranian theocracy to be gone, then it has only one choice.  Crushing economic sanctions.  I'm not talking about the bogus sanctions that are in place right now that only inconvenience and harass Iranians while the government is able to do what it wants.  What I'm talking about are real smart sanctions with tangible results.  The United States should sanction any government or private entity that purchases Iranian oil.  Give them 30 days to find an alternative supplier, and ask the ever so willing Saudis and Kuwaitis for help in increasing output.  The regime will fall within a few short months if not weeks.  End of story!!