WAALM is nominated for 2011 Nobel Peace Prize
The United Nations / The United Nations
09-Feb-2011 (one comment)

The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media (WAALM) is nominated for 2011 Nobel Peace Prize for its role in promoting "cultural diplomacy," and encouraging the use of art instead of war.

See further details: //www.kavehfarrokh.com/news/waalm-has-been-nominated-for-the-nobel-peace-prize-of-2011/

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javad fakharzadeh

Kudos to Kaveh Farokh and WAALM Founders: Dorbayani's

by javad fakharzadeh on

I salute to WAALM founders and the current directors for promoting peace against the warmongers attempt to engage in mass killings, wars and destructions worldwide.