World History Unfolding as North Africa and Middle East Unravel: Saudi Arabia's Clock Is Ticking
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06-Feb-2011 (one comment)


 And then it happens, right there, for our eyes to see. The pattern, above all a product of the US-Israel alliance (inspired by Jesaiah 2:1-5), is unraveling. The pattern has always been the same, by force or bribes or both to create "friendly governments", "allies in the peace process" as VP Joe Biden-Obama's foreign policy expert-says. These hours, these days.  Some process we are witnessing.The pattern has five layers: 1: Palestinians inside Israel; 2: Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza; 3: Israel's Arab neighbors (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt); 4: the rest of the 22 Arab states; 5: the rest of the 57 Muslim states.  Knowing that 350 million Arabs and 1,560 million Muslims cannot be controlled directly, the US-Israel alliance goes for indirect control via the governments, which is very far removed from any serious effort to solve the conflict(s) on the ground. They bombastically even refer to this low level policy as a "peace process" when indeed it is a hopeless project, at most a short lasting unstable equilibrium. >>>
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by zuruz on

Saudi royal family may bribe the whole world to stay in power, but they are underestimating the power of their angry and oppressed population. These ruthless Bin Saud family with 6000 a$$hole princes who are taking the wealth of nation and poor Arabs from OIL& GAS and MECCA profits and they deposit $$$ in their personal bank accounts worldwide as well as investing it in too many paradises, publications, news media, companies, factories, casinos, gambling palaces and even gay bars mostly in western countries. They are running the worst brutal dictatorship ever in the whole globe with no kind of freedoms and democracy. The king and his royal family never showed any respect for human rights, religions rights, women rights and other issues at all.  Slavery and abuses of foreign/ domestic slaves and abuse of servants and their family have been going on big time high even now in 21st century and no sign of healing as the free world watches and no one really cares. Tons of gold and diamonds are not going to save this corrupt kingdom family. Soon the population uprising will send these blood sucker monsters to the dumpster of history. After political death of Bin Ali and Mubarak the Saudi king and his princes will follow the same road to hell.