Mubarak Won't Run Again
03-Feb-2011 (4 comments)

President Hosni Mubarak has bowed to a popular uprising and will soon quit. Who’s next? From Jordan’s shaky monarchy to a Yemen regime scarred by WikiLeaks, which Middle East leaders could soon follow suit?

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Kinzer is among the bad boys of the press -spreading libel



Here we go Kinzer doing his stupid dance again!

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Or may be the latest tips from Komi-Fariba?

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Bekhoreh Too Saret Stephan Kinzer

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Mubarak denounced the incidents and violence in the Square yesterday. Said he will never Leave the country and will defend his legacy even if it means dying in Egypt


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Clueless Kinzer ... when was the Last Time Mubarak Fled ?

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What a Convenient misleading Title for this idiot's article.

Mubarak Will Step Down But Definitively Not Flee like that Coward Ben Ali ... 

Mobarak is a Soldier and if he has to die will die a Soldier's Death.