The Stuxnet Story Is Full of Holes
MrZine / Cyrus Safdari
29-Jan-2011 (one comment)

Some "facts" on Iran that everyone takes for granted are narratives that, despite factual inadequacies, have become conventional wisdom through mere repetition, largely as a result of media hype, marketed through screaming headlines stripped of any inconvenient nuances.  The narrative of the Stuxnet virus is one of the latest examples of "truthiness" thus manufactured.

The Stuxnet narrative claims that (1) the virus was a brilliant piece of programming; (2) it set back Iran's nuclear program significantly by damaging its centrifuges or the Bushehr reactor; and (3) it was the work of Israel and/or the United States.  However, all three points are very much open to a lot of dispute.

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Stuxnet story is in reality the Iranian Revolution of 1979. We are now seeing how it was successfully planted to uproot Western and Zio-fascist hegemony and destruction in the ME.

Now, that is a hell of a Stuxnet!