Iranian opposition leader expresses hope Egypt protests can bring change
The Canadian Press
29-Jan-2011 (2 comments)

Iran's opposition leader has expressed hope that protests engulfing Egypt can bring change that has so far evaded his own country.

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hamsade ghadimi

iran's opposition leader is

by hamsade ghadimi on

iran's opposition leader is mousavi?  they're executing those who followed him and he remains intact giving 'bayaanieh' after 'bayaanieh' with the picture of the grand thug, khomeini, in the background.  he's just another 'tadarokchin' like khatami, one of many velayat faghih is planning to plant as opposition leader.


A majority of Egyptians in

by vildemose on

A majority of Egyptians in Cairo want the following:

"1) Pro-secula­­r freedom and tolerance of others. This includes Coptic Christians that have been supporting our effort. 2) We want a Constituti­­onal Democracy. 3) We want to exile Mubarak and his family. There is no compromise on this priority issue from our people. 4) No more dictators regardless of their name, rank, or popularity­­!
5) No hard-line theocracy! Especially no "Muslim Brotherhoo­­d" thugs that would crackdown worse than this regime has ever done for human rights.