What I Learned From Iran's Failed Revolution
nytimes.com/ / Bani-Sadr
28-Jan-2011 (3 comments)

As I well know from personal experience, however, an open future includes not only the possibility of democracy, but the possibility of resurgent dictatorship.

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G. Rahmanian

And The Answer Is

by G. Rahmanian on



this from a man who

by mahmoudg on

helped unleash the filth of Islam unto us!!!! Mr. Ani Sadr, please enjoy your senior years in Paris, and leave the rebuilding of Iran and the middle east to those who are not tarnished by their association with the most notorious cult in man's history, ISLAM!



by shushtari on

learned: " that he is a traitor and a buffoon......and that dr madani won the election, and he and his pasdars stole the election..."