Thousands Of Iranians Join Online Protest Against Sanctions
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
16-Jan-2011 (4 comments)

About 25,000 Iranians have reacted to last week’s crash of Iran Air flight 277 by joining an online protest, on Facebook, against sanctions that prevent Iran from purchasing new aircraft and spare parts.

The protesters believe sanctions undermine aviation safety standards and are therefore to be blamed for a string of air accidents that have claimed the lives of hundreds of Iranians.

On January 16, the organizers of the protest have called on members to change their profile pictures on Facebook to a black-and-white logo of a plane that says “Stop Sanctions.” 

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Dear mahmoudg

by iamfine on

The problem with the west is they like to tell us what to do and keep us (and other countries) as a puppet. Look what west did to the shah. U.S.A  didn't keep him for more than a month and forced him to leave. You are right about IRI, but if we stay silent, the west will always abuse us as they did in the past.


what a bunch of akhondi kos-sher

by Fesenjoon on

If they truly wanted safe aviation, they could easily do it by buying NEW russian aircraft, not renting cheap shit from Turkmenistan etc. 

Yet another tactic, to kill people, and blame it on the west.

They boast about self-sufficeincy and putting a man in space 8 yrs from now, and then cry about sanctions.

What a farce.

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" --Blaise Pascal


i dont buy this crap

by mahmoudg on

sanctions or war.  your choice people.  You want to play with the big boys, but keep kicking him in the shin!!!!  Until you Islamist rapist cultists learn to play nice with the West, this will be the norm.  Either topple this regime and bring its leaders to justice, or learn to live with the wrath of the big boys.  The West, democracy and civilization is much bigger than that for which Islam and terrorism would want to defeat it.


islamist anti-semite lefty lap poodles!


how dare they reject our sanctions!