IR Attorney General: Ahmadi ‘s Vice President charges must be addressed
21-Dec-2010 (one comment)

GH Gholamhussein Mohseni Ezhei, spokesman of Iran's judiciary and the country's attorney general said the charges should Mohammad Reza Rahimi, vice president must be addressed.

Gholamhussein Mohseni Ezhei today at a news conference in Tehran, added: "Now according to the statements of other defendants, is charged with notice (Rahimi), but it is whether the charges should be fixed during the defense take them.

Mohammad Reza Rahimi by some MPs who accused President Fatemi is corruption network. According to Iranian parliamentarian Elias Nader, other members of this network of corruption that the office had been Fatemi Ave Tehran, Elias Mahmoudi Jabir Abdali, Massoud and several other sounds.

Since March of this current Parliament, said: Mr. Rahimi, head of the ring of corruption that is in Fatemi Street to collect resources from corrupt sources and distributing it is Mykrdh decision. Mohammad Reza Rahimi, September 88 to Ahmadinejad was appointed first deputy. He previously Assistant Vice President had the legal and parliamentary.

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And now?

by fussygorilla on

iran will be investigating corruption charges against a top official of the government. Now, let us see if U.S. can bring even more serious charges like mufer and bribery and mega corruption against George W.Bush, Cheney, Haliburton, and the whole gang.

Guys like you who are looking for something to attack Iran, let us hear you on Good Ol USA, your patron.